Tahi Lembu

Oh tahi lembu,

Betapa busuknya engkau

Mencemari hidungku

Dengan baumu yang melampau

Ku menatapi pemandangan ini

Berfikir tentang depan dan silam

Bagaimana mengatasinya...

Bagaimana menyucikannya...

Apakah tahi lembu yang perlu dibuang?

Ataupun lembu yang menjadi korban?

Wahai lembu yang jahil

Aku tidak bisa menuduhmu

Kerana engkau tidak tahu

Sebaliknya aku yang patut malu

Kerana dalam diam membisu

Telah celaka dirimu

Tanpa kusedari

Telah jatuh airmataku

Tanpa kusedari

Telah berlalu masaku

Adakah terlambat...

Untuk kupohon maaf

Adakah terlambat...

Untuk kupohon taubat

Adakah terlambat?

Shahadatul Haq

I bear witness that there is no god but Allah,

and his prophet Muhammad s.a.w is His messenger

The heart does not sit still

For it longs to be heard

To spread the message within

To remind them of His word

As for those who claim ignorance

Whose life engulfed in sin

And for those refusing repentance

A grizzly fate awaits

So forth the day of reckoning

When heads shall hang in shame

Every inch shivering with fright

It’s then they’ll start to blame

As their fingers point toward,

Toward those who hid the facts

Who blatantly refused

To spread the words of truth

يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلۡمُدَّثِّرُ (١) قُمۡ فَأَنذِرۡ (٢)

A piece of paper

A single piece of paper,

Lies alone unattended,

Unnoticed by many,

Ignored by most,

Who fail to see...

As for those who wonder

And seek the truth,

Behold the meaning,

Of a mere piece of paper

Forming the foundation

Of greater things to come

Oh how it craves

To be of importance

Oh how it wants

To be of significance

Little does it realize

That it shapes the base

Of something so beautiful

Little does it realize

That it bears the weight

Of our hopes and dreams

It is after all

A mere piece of paper


I crave the day we meet,

As I long to see your face,

It’s written in the stars

For destiny waits in the wings

Days and months and years

Till the second we finally see...

I cease to comprehend

How time can be so cruel

But patience seeks to guide

The souls of those in need

A lingering sense of hope

Fill my body and mind

Till then I can only dream...

My Brother Bleeds...

The nothingness inside

Holds true for most of us

At times it may

Strike a chord or even two

Instilling passion and despise

Some may even gladly offer

Whatever’s in their coffers

As we continue to speak our hearts

Standing up to protest

Shouting slogans designed to awaken

The souls of those still at rest

The calls to unite in His name

But to what extent can we claim

That we’ve aided our brothers

Oh Palestine,

To what extent can we claim

That we’ve aided those who bled

A teary eye serves as to naught

Same too a helpless sigh,

For the battle that lies at hand

Is deeper than one thinks...

As his ten little fingers,

Clutch onto the bottle

Not letting go,

Till he’s had his feed

Amidst the roaring sounds

Of what may seem like thunder

Blissfully suckling

As the others continue fighting

The same ten little fingers

Provide hope for the mother

Who knows not of the future,

Yet unruffled toward fate

Should He decide to choose

Her son as HIS warrior

To defend HIS holy land

Fighting tyranny head on

Alas but stones at hand

This is not a call to arms

Nor a call to recruit

Just a mere reflection

Of how things are today

This is a call to those

Filled with apathy and indifference

To the plight of our brothers

Whose blood is spilled each day

To my brothers, Oh Palestine

Your blood may stain the streets

Your shouts might’ve been ignored

Inallaha Ma’ana

Have faith in Allah’s word

That those who are oppressed

Will rise among the best

Have faith, our day will come

Do not despair

Our day will come


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