The Traveler

For this traveler
Time is an enemy
For his stay here
Is not for eternity

A times he feels enchanted
Lured by lust
Laden with laziness

His journey is long
Full of hardships
Slowly taking its toll
On this tortured soul

Solace appears
In the presence of
His fellow travelers
When he finally realizes

He is not alone
Flanked by many
Striving together
On the path to glory
With one common cause...

A tribute to Ibrahim a.s and Hajr

“I leave you here,

for none but for Allah.”

He looked at her longingly

For one last time

His heart heavy as stone

Leaving her behind

Depressed and all alone

Leaving his son

One and only child

But for the cries of the child

She remained still and silent

Alone and unattended

Worried sick,

Unspoken of her fears

As time passed

Food grew scarce

Thirst and hunger

Slowly took over

She ran back and forth

From south up to north

In search of water

Weary, yet confident

Firm in her stance

Believing without flinching

In none but Him

Zam, Zam, Zam

His greatness shown

As the elixir of life flowed

Amidst the heat of day

Calming her fears

And all she could say

Was Alhamdulillah


Bonjour, Bonsoir, Bonnuit,

In the city of romance

I stood there watching

Captivated by the aura

Exuding elegance

Of the magnificent skyscrapers

And statues aplenty

Shadowed by

A tortuous history

Remnants of kings

Laden with tales

Some of bravery

Others of treachery


Yet at the end of it all

The emptiness inside

Shall finally be filled

As I make my way back

Tired, weary, and drained

..thinking of nothing but home...

Tribute to Isa a.s

You were a symbol of His greatness

The womb which bore you

Was of none but purity

You weren’t but a miracle

A blessing to mankind

Sent as a messenger

They misconstrued you as divine

A misguided notion

Betrayed by your own people

As you sought His approval

To the very best of your efforts

You raised them from the dead

You healed them with your touch

With all your given powers

With help from none but Him

To answer their demands

To strengthen their faith

Yet it all resulted

In them being led astray

You called them to Him

Yet they stood still

Blinded by ignorance

Driven by lust

You were saved from it all

As He lifted you to a place

Unknown to man

A place of rest

Till the day of which

You shall stake your claim

Toward those misguided

Bringing them to shame

We await you oh Isa

Running on Empty

The plague




The blank screen flickers,

Amidst the purring of the machine,

As he sits and ponders,

Of how unpredictable life can be,

Reminiscing the past

Reflecting the times

How it flies so fast

Just yesterday he was perched

Unflinching, hours on end

Browsing through his files

Immersed in his notes

Self inflicted exile

Time has since stood still

And in a state of depression

He begins to lose his will

Ya Rabb

Cure him from this plague

That darkens the heart

Bringing him further apart

Cleanse this diseased soul

From the trappings

Of this worthless world

Open his drooping eyes

Engulfed in slumber

Oblivious to it all

Strengthen his grip

On the sword of truth

Solidify his stance

Remove his doubts

Oh Allah...

A test?

I welcome you,

You, you and you

To this period of intensity

Stressful to most

Borderline insanity

It is but a test

Designed to gauge

To differentiate the best

From the lagging rest

A test that will determine

Our fate in the coming years

Whether we jump for joy

Or end up in tears

It is in this time of need

That we often feel

The stress of it all

Too heavy to bear

When hope seems to fade

And voices start to invade

We finally turn to the One

Who was there all along

Lest we forget

His presence is near

A timely reminder

For those who fear

In times of need

We look to none but him

Yet when the wave subsides

What of our faith?

What of our faith?


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