I missed the times

When we used to play

The times we laughed

Each passing day

As time progressed

We grew apart

Relationships strained

Yet in our hearts

The bond remained

Much has changed

For I have grown

Chosen a path

Of which many

Would simply shudder

Understand they don't

On the necessity

Turn back I won't

For it is but destiny

Goodbye yesterday

Your time has passed...

May Allah strengthen

The spirits of those

Who chose his path

Over friendship...

Welcome to..Kuala Lumpur

Of low cut dresses

And clingy trousers

At the very least

For eyes to feast

Love is in the air

To the point of which

People just don’t care

Hand in hand they walk

Eye to eye they stare

A sense of arrogance

The lack of patience

Evokes but annoyance

Of soaring prices

Unmentionable vices

In a drunken stupor

Welcome to…

Kuala Lumpur


Idleness is but a plague

Serving to blunt

The edge of the blade

Dimming the light

Distracting its warriors

From the one true fight

Extinguishing the fire

That burns inside

Weakening desire

To defend what’s right

May Allah protect us all from idleness

and from the diseases associated with it


I missed you
Finally reunited
Arriving at your doorstep
Weary yet excited

Not much has changed
Since I last saw
Evoking feelings
Of astnosnihment and awe

In the dark of night
You burst into life
Engines roaring
Shouts of delight

In the light of day
The toddler plays
As mum and dad
Work far away

At times I wonder,
Visualize and ponder
That despite it all
I still call you home

Hey You, Happy Birthday..!

Over two decades have passed
Each year shorter than the last
And God has long set upon
The path of which I was destined
To trek valiantly, unaware,
of the twists and turns to follow

At times I cannot bear
The tests of which I to face
As an indication of true faith
The price of Jannah is but affordable
Neither is it overly impossible

But weak is the human race
Blissfully ignorant,
Of the consequences to be faced
By the disobedient servant

Time is a jealous fool,
Delighting the idiots

As Izrail looms near
Lurking at every corner
Hidden in the shadows
On constant watch,yet silent
Waiting for the moment

The calls from the grave
Grow louder each passing day
Amplified when people say
Hey you, Happy Birthday!!

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