Sempena Spring Camp 2008

The hills watched as we played

On the shores of Galway we stayed

Welcoming the freezing wind,

Under the covers of Doolin Inn

Beneath it all a greater cause

A mere tool to learn His laws

In His Book we seek guidance

In His name we ask for repentance

In the midst of all the laughter

A deeper message, indeed prescribed

As the burden we all promised

To shoulder altogether

United in His name we stood

Hand in hand we shook

To continue what prophet Moses,

Abraham, Ishmael and Jesus

And our prophet Muhammad,

All testifying of His oneness

All of whom sought to please,

The one Lord Al Alamin

We may not stand on par

With those of old

Yet we strive for glory

In pursuing their path

Laden with shards,

Designed as a test,

For those who aren’t on guard

For us who truly seek

To please the Almighty

Stand but to reap

Rewards aplenty

In heaven we shall meet

In heaven we shall rest

But for now we must fight

To inflame the perished fire

Of what once gave light,

To rescue humankind,

From this pathetic plight

Just for you

Friendship is but a term

Of many used till today

A friend can mean a friend

As superficial as can be

Or a friend can mean the world

To those who ultimately see

As I was once told

That the combined weight of gold

Or the market price of pearls

Could not even come close

To even start to describe

The magnitude of which

The term ‘friendship’ was derived

Of the mere presence

Of a lending ear

A subtle word

Or a comforting arm

Yet I refused to believe

For fear of perception

As the ego reigns supreme

For many a time

A lone soul I was

Refusing to share,

Using phrases,

Such as ‘I don’t care’

But the Creator of the soul

Made not His beings

To live in seclusion

That is but, an illusion

For a soul often longs

To be heard, to be told

To be reminded, to be warned

At face I might lose

The ability to churn words

So I penned what I felt

In a poem instead

Ukhuwwah Fillah Abadan Abada

Dedicated to you, my friend

Salamun Alaik


Israeli air strikes overnight killed five militants, adding to some 100 PALESTINIAN DEATHS since Wednesday. Israel, with THREE DEAD, says it is defending itself against rocket attack. BBC news, 3rd March 2008

Lightning does not strike twice

Yet hope remains for the faithful

The ones oppressed

Full of fear, full of fright

Every day and every night

When tanks face up to stones

One wonders the consequence

Yet hope remains for the faithful

As they find peace and solace

From the Almighty, All merciful

The slaughter of innocents

Under the cover of ‘self defence’

Yet hope remains for the faithful

Attack after attack

Excuse after excuse

As the world sits and watches

On their couches, on their asses

Occasionally shouting at the disgrace

Of the cruelty toward their brothers

Then returning to their matters

Forgetting they ever witnessed

The cries of those in pain

Forgetting the deafening sounds

Drowning the shouts of His name

Allahu Akbar

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way. 2: 186


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