In the dark of night

There he lay

Shivering with fright

As the essence of fear

Engulfed his soul

Unable to speak

Unable to breathe

For his time had come

And he knew it was real

The angel of death

Had arrived on time

Perfect to the minute

Punctual to the second

The time for repentance

Was about to pass

He begged his Lord

In a silent prayer

Forgive me Ar Rahim

For it was all his fault

He whispered in my ears

Pleasures of which I sought

I was blinded by lust

And to him I gave my trust,

Shaitaan won fairly

But forgive me nonetheless

For I am but weak

Too weak to stand your trials

I know I have no claim

On the paradise for which

The maidens await,

But I do fear the flame

Promised to those who failed

On You I rest my hopes

In this time of dire need

I am but a slave

Destined to pay

The price of foolishness”

The times he played

The times he laughed

And went astray

Regret regret

And more regret...

In the soil he lay

Still and silently

As he waits and waits

For the day promised...

Would you understand?

Would you understand?

If I said that I would change

Would you understand?

If I chose to leave it all,

In exchange for the unseen

In exchange for His promise

To the workers of His Deen

Would you understand?

If I ignore your pleas

Turning a blind eye

To your worldly claims

Out with it all

As I aim to stand up tall

Against the tide of ignorance

Armed with nothing

But faith and perseverance

Would you understand?

That this is the path I choose

Of my own accord,

I beg you to understand...

For life is but a transition

For death is not an illusion

Two Paths

Two paths lay upon the wanderer,

The seeker of truth,

The bringer of light,

His conscience furiously debates,

Of the options at hand,

One paved with gold,

Laden with maidens,

Up along the way,

The second sends nothing,

But of chills down his spine,

Stained with blood,

Reeking of death,

The blood of past warriors,

Whom all chose to risk...

Whom all lay their lives...

For the sake of the reward

That lay at the end

A promise held on to

By those of faith

A promise of eternity

A certain guarantee

From the Almighty


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