Just for you

Friendship is but a term

Of many used till today

A friend can mean a friend

As superficial as can be

Or a friend can mean the world

To those who ultimately see

As I was once told

That the combined weight of gold

Or the market price of pearls

Could not even come close

To even start to describe

The magnitude of which

The term ‘friendship’ was derived

Of the mere presence

Of a lending ear

A subtle word

Or a comforting arm

Yet I refused to believe

For fear of perception

As the ego reigns supreme

For many a time

A lone soul I was

Refusing to share,

Using phrases,

Such as ‘I don’t care’

But the Creator of the soul

Made not His beings

To live in seclusion

That is but, an illusion

For a soul often longs

To be heard, to be told

To be reminded, to be warned

At face I might lose

The ability to churn words

So I penned what I felt

In a poem instead

Ukhuwwah Fillah Abadan Abada

Dedicated to you, my friend

Salamun Alaik



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