Fatih still cries


Allahu akbar, Allahuakbar
La ilaha illallah...
On that day
Tears flowed freely
As the best of armies,
Through time and history
Marched through the walls
Al fatih standing tall,
The architect of their fall...

Constanstine was uprooted
Tyranny lay defeated
As muslims rejoiced
For al-haq had triumphed

In the halls of aya sofia
Mehmet stood in silence
Not once did he feel proud
Allah's reward for his patience

The first athan,
Called at dawn
As mehmet cried
Prostrated and sighed

For they had won
As the prophet foretold
But knew he could never rest
For jannah is but
An unending quest


The call of athan
In the evening sun
Exuding elegance
Profound magnificence

Fatih still cries
Coupled with sigh
But not of joy
Instead of pain

For the empire that stood
Has changed for good

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