From Malaysia With Peace (NEXT 2009)

This poem was featured at the annual Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT) recently held in Sheffield. The accompanying video was created by brother Nazmi of ISAC Studio. The poem tells of a journey one faces when choosing to 'leave it all behind' in order to pursue a better future overseas.

From Malaysia with peace

The Journey

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Resonating at dawn

Before the rising sun

Unsettling to some

Of faith but encouragement

The sweltering heat

Though a cause for complaint

Is a much welcomed treat

On the busy streets

Yet he knows he has to leave

For the ultimate greater good

With a sigh and heavy heave

He knows he must, he knows he should

As the leaves turn to gold

In this wretched freezing cold

He ponders..reminisces

Of the home he really misses

A distant memory

Of a faraway country

Forsaken for a dream

A sacrifice it would seem

With the best of intentions

He left his possessions

For a journey of sorts

To the land of the queen

A frosty breeze

Sweeps away the leaves

Numbing the senses

Penetrating defenses

The ground turns white

And it’s always night

As the shelter of ‘home’

Provides respite

He starts to ponder

Is it worth to suffer?

Reflect and wonder

If its time to finally surrender?

HE prays for help, he prays for strength

For his journey is of considerable length

In the dark of night he remains prostrated

Amidst the tears, he accepts of what is fated

He longs to return

To the place he calls home

He longs to return

To the ones that he left

Alas he has a task

A responsibility, an obligation

Thus sadness he masks

Amidst a sea of indignation

“I will return, I will return”

Some day that may be


For my home, needs me…


Anonymous said...

Love this.

Moved me to tears the first time I listened to it.

Job well done, mabruk!

Erwina Nursyaheera Sulaiman said...

Suits the feeling that I'm having.

I suppose the feeling will always be there, will not end till the day that I can finally say, "I've returned".

Pinjam masuk blog ana eh? JazakAllah.

Great job to Hijaz, Wani, Nazmie, and Waqi. Alhamdulillah.

j477 said...

to afnizar

glad you liked it...stay strong!

to wina

suits the feelings of most of us overseas students. what keeps us sane is our faith, klau x lame da breakdown (in extreme cases la)

ps u cn go ahead n put it in ur blog, bley kongsi pahala



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