Lost in thought-A quick reminder

One tends to judge
Sometimes too much
As our intentions vary
At rates of which are scary

But fear thy not
It’s threats are naught
Though lurk he might
Yet sorely lacking bite

As decreed in the Book
Where we often fail to look
Ramadhan kareem
Unless thoroughly embraced
Will but go to waste
In days of old
Of knights so bold
Neither hunger nor thirst
Deterrent to their faith

Steadfast and ready
Unwavering and steady
Though we aspire to be,
As great as thee
We can’t but envy

In the dark of night
Shivering with fright
A chilly wind
Reflection of sin

Teary eyed
A heavy sigh
Burdened by guilt
Shamed to the hilt

Forgiveness he seeks
For his faith so weak
Desperate, distraught,
Lost in thought


Anonymous said...

ajar aku english wahai jazz shakespeare.
moga tambah amal kita di ramadan ini.


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