Yours Truly

A month it’s almost been

Been chained against my will

Impatient for my chance

Returning to your side

Let us rejoice together

For it is almost over

No more thirst nor hunger

Needn’t suffer any longer

Surprise, surprise surprise..

I see that you’ve not changed

A month has made you thin

But still very weak within

Vulnerable to sorts of sin

You’ve failed to materialize

The chance to shut me out

While others prayed and wept

You stayed behind and slept…

Opportunity on a plate

Through Heaven’s any gate

Yet you let it slip your grasp

A month you put to waste

Too bad you have slacked

Ramadhan’s almost past

And this time I’ll come back

Stronger than the last…

Yours Truly

Shaitaan La’natullah


Anonymous said...

Semoga tidak tergolong dalam golongan ini. Wa'iyadzubillah ...

Ayuh manfatkan akhir-akhir Ramadhan kali ini :D

j477 said...



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