The Never-ending Story...

In the midst of it all

Only the brave stand tall

The hour grows near

When laugh turns to fear

And children are abandoned

As mothers lay stricken

Mountains that once ruled

Lie in a heap, a dusty pool

The earth begins to shudder

So too does the odd transgressor

It is but eternity that looms ahead

As those in graves arise from the dead

To stand in front of the creator

No room for lies or banter

Like a sieve which has cleansed

The righteous ones from the damned

There are those who earn the right

To sit on thrones with pearls of white

While there those eternally cursed

To drink without quenching its thirst

The never-ending story begins

Too late to turn, atone for its sins

The never-ending story begins

An eternity of bliss, Amin



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