These ties that bind

I blame society. Marriage is no longer sacred. Material wealth pollutes the mere idea matrimony. It’s sad. I’m sad. Society has made it so hard for young men and women to protect their chastity. The standards to live up to, especially for the young are almost impossible to fulfill. The desire to complete half of their deen is more often than not curtailed by these ridiculous pre-marital criteria one is expected to accomplish. While the propehet PBUH encourages young men and women to get married early, nowadays it seems the opposite. Damn you. Religion is no longer an accepted excuse. It has been replaced by logic and rationalization. Tools of man. Imbeciles.

I ask of Allah for protection. I ask that He make easy what is hard. That He make clear the path towards Him. I ask for His guidance. I ask for His forgivness.

May Allah make it easy for all of us to find our soulmates…And may our soulmates be our ticket to His Jannah.

Led by lust

An unnecessary fuss

For many have fallen

Into the traps set

By the one stricken

To eternal damnation

Whispers of pleasure

Relaxed, full of leisure

Comfort in the arms

Of an unlawful embrace

Bears witness to the case

In front of Allah we shall stand

When even regret comes to naught

Love is blind

Yet these ties that bind

Two souls together

Prescribed since yonder

Serves to remind

Of the day called hereafter

-longing to move on to the next step-



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