He still wonders

A time to reminisce

Back to period of bliss

When the world seemed

As surreal as a dream…

It was a time unlike another

When he felt affection

Love some may call it

Regardless of definition

It was definitely a feeling

A deep sense of longing

Of purest of hearts

Shining out onto another

It was a blinding and binding

Mesmerizing at best

He prayed it wouldn’t end

But alas it wasn’t his hand

Fate played its part

In shaping His decree

Oh so cruel to the heart

Yet acceptance was the order

For fate, was the stronger

Tried as he might

Putting up a fight

Dreading the irony

The pain and agony

But it was for the best

And he'd learn to accept

Yet deep down he’s confessed

That the heart still longs

Yes it does still wonder

And all it can do

Is still wonder…


nur nadiah abdul rashid said...


eyh org dublin!!sebuk2 pon stil ade mase untuk berpuitis eyh?hihi.but I haf to admit it that ur words byk menginsafkan..thanks :)


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