The Holiday Season

My dear son,

To advise others is an easy matter. The difficulty is in accepting advice, since this is a bitter thing for those who follow their inclinations and desires.

It has been narrated that someone saw Al-Junayd after his death in a dream. Al Junayd was asked:
What news do you have, Al Qasim?” He replied, “ Perished are the speeches and vanished are the allusions; nothing benefited us excepts the prostrations which we made in the middle of the night”

Al Ghazali : Chapter 3

It certainly fitting that one who carries the torch of Allah realizes its place in this world. The so called “doers of good” ultimately carry the burden of bearing witness towards the truth of Islam as proclaimed in the Syahadah. However this does not elevate them to a high enough pedestal as to refuse consult or advice in any sort of form. Whispers such as, “I’ve heard this before”, or “My knowledge and deeds are sufficient for today” are at times heard amongst these staunch Muslim activists.

I stand here not to criticize, merely to reflect and point out the potential calamity that may arise if the people who call to Islam themselves have no initiative for self development. Time and time again, we have seen our numbers dwindle at the sight of worldly responsibilities. When exams hit us the hardest, a deluge of essays start to pile up; the Muslim suddenly goes on holiday, putting on hold the very essence of the proclamation that ironically defines who he is.

The task at hand is by no means small. Planning a journey includes allocation rations, supplies and equipment to facilitate its course.

So the question remains, have we planned for Jannah......



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