Tribute to Isa a.s

You were a symbol of His greatness

The womb which bore you

Was of none but purity

You weren’t but a miracle

A blessing to mankind

Sent as a messenger

They misconstrued you as divine

A misguided notion

Betrayed by your own people

As you sought His approval

To the very best of your efforts

You raised them from the dead

You healed them with your touch

With all your given powers

With help from none but Him

To answer their demands

To strengthen their faith

Yet it all resulted

In them being led astray

You called them to Him

Yet they stood still

Blinded by ignorance

Driven by lust

You were saved from it all

As He lifted you to a place

Unknown to man

A place of rest

Till the day of which

You shall stake your claim

Toward those misguided

Bringing them to shame

We await you oh Isa



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