A tribute to Ibrahim a.s and Hajr

“I leave you here,

for none but for Allah.”

He looked at her longingly

For one last time

His heart heavy as stone

Leaving her behind

Depressed and all alone

Leaving his son

One and only child

But for the cries of the child

She remained still and silent

Alone and unattended

Worried sick,

Unspoken of her fears

As time passed

Food grew scarce

Thirst and hunger

Slowly took over

She ran back and forth

From south up to north

In search of water

Weary, yet confident

Firm in her stance

Believing without flinching

In none but Him

Zam, Zam, Zam

His greatness shown

As the elixir of life flowed

Amidst the heat of day

Calming her fears

And all she could say

Was Alhamdulillah



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