A test?

I welcome you,

You, you and you

To this period of intensity

Stressful to most

Borderline insanity

It is but a test

Designed to gauge

To differentiate the best

From the lagging rest

A test that will determine

Our fate in the coming years

Whether we jump for joy

Or end up in tears

It is in this time of need

That we often feel

The stress of it all

Too heavy to bear

When hope seems to fade

And voices start to invade

We finally turn to the One

Who was there all along

Lest we forget

His presence is near

A timely reminder

For those who fear

In times of need

We look to none but him

Yet when the wave subsides

What of our faith?

What of our faith?


hadzhamdan said...

bagus betul r...saat2 genting macam nih masih mampu nak wat sajak..ish2..
kena tabik spring..haha..
bagus2..silalah mengupdate selalu yer...
sila lah juga meletakkan shout box kalo rajin..
hhmm..umah korang la yang dengar citer nyer sangat mahal..betul ker?
kat clonskeagh tuh..pergh!

j477 said...

heh..mahal la jugak
berkorban sket...
shoutbox akn diusahakan
(itu tugas azri, aku xtau sgt psl nk edit2 blog nih)

minal Qalb said...

Jazakallah menyuntik kesedaran.
Ma'at taufiq wannajah utk exam ini.
Teruskan perjuangan dalam wasilah ini dan juga jalan2 lain.


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