The Decision?

Three golden horses,

Each one claiming to be,

A way bit better than the other,

Each one wanting to be,

The heir to the throne,

In a kingdom governed,

By a mere slab of flesh

Still green and raw

Yet expected to preside

Expected to choose...

Over what may lead,

To paths laden with torment,

Pain, anguish and distress

Ultimately yielding, rewards unfathomable

Three golden horses,

All impressive in their pose

The first out obligation

The other affectionately close

The third so calm and collected,

Has he the wit to make this verdict

Or can he find a way through it

But deep inside, he knows

When the time comes,

There can be no dallying

He has to decide

He has to decide

For the heart of man

Can only be split so far

Will it be the one he cares for,

Or the one who’s never left his side

Can he learn to accept the unfamiliar,

Which will it be?



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