Romanticizing Al Hambra

La Ghalib Ilaha Illallah,

No conqueror there is but He,

Adorn your walls, for all to see

Impressive to the untrained eye,

Overwhelmed by it all

Enchanted by its beauty

As words fail to describe,

The splendour in which it surrounds

Exuding elegance for eyes to feast,

Displaying grace through it flowing waters

Unparalleled by any other

During it’s majestic time of dominance

It stood tall among the faltering rest

Casting light upon the people

A beacon of hope for those afraid

Yet its beauty lies in the sweat of those

Who served the rich and powerful,

Never questioning the reasons,

Unless under a muttered breath,

Silently musing the irony

Of aesthetics over functionality

This all went on and on,

As their brothers bled to defend

What was left of a falling kingdom

As the palace stood in its glory,

Apathetic to the struggles afar

What more can one say

Only a sigh as night turns to day...

As it began to fall in place

And prosperity reigned supreme,

Greed reared its ugly head,

Behind the intricately carved walls,

The light of the heavenly rooftops,

Shone upon a sinister plot,

Whisperings of treachery,

As it suffered a cruel fate,

Overthrown from the inside,

Falling prey to lust of man,

Everything lost in battle,

A pitiable meaningless battle,

For this was the price it paid

For bathing in pride,

For basking in glory...

It may no longer belong to us

But the spirit it embodies,

Serves to alert the generations to come

As magnificence is determined not

By mere physical structures...

Let us not repeat mistakes of old

For the battle lies within our souls

Against the lure of the world

Preying astutely on the weak

Control your whims

Do not delay,

For time does not wait,

For those who play

Rome was not built in a day

So be patient my brothers, our time will come

Its been foretold in tales of old

Be patient my brothers, our time will come


Anonymous said...

waah, hebatnya sajak ko, aku ingat ko puitis dlm malay je, english pon hebat, tahniah aa.


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