A thought to ponder amongst us all
Stuck in a rat race, too scared too fall
An endless chase for the big green monster,
A life of misery, for a mere extra penny

To those, oh so fearful toward death
Yet all so faithful towards his wealth
Lest he forget our prophet’s vision
Of a disease that leaves many stricken
Hubbud dunya wa karahiatul maut*

To those, who refuse to read the signs
Put up by His messengers along the line
Reminding us that we all have parts to play
In this chessboard of life, one must obey

Why oh why do you choose this path?
For what is measured are our deeds
To all mankind and those in need
So fret not about one’s age
Fret not about your wage
For what is written cannot be changed

The end is near, don’t fear, be wise
As this might be your last sunrise
The end is near, our future holds
One of two, an ending calls,
Rewards so great one can’t comprehend
Or torture, oh torture one cannot stand

Two tall trees stand side by side
One lush with greens
The other save but naught,
One oh so smart the other so vain
Allah gives signs to those who observe,
So choose your path,
Act now, don’t wait
Success is all
But presented on a plate

Ayyuhal Muslimun
Open your eyes, wake up, wake up!
For it is time for us to rise
From the ashes we must realize
That it is time to stake claim to what is ours
To fight corruption, defend the poor
To put what’s right where there is wrong
To put Islam where it truly belongs….

*Cintakan dunia, takutkan mati, also known as al-wahnu



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