When poison is consumed like water
One cannot help but see the irony
Of the plague ever so blinding
What had been once decreed
Might have been of old
Yet so relevant in these times of peril
Amidst the symphony of joy and laughter
Of which resulted ignorance and dissent
Diminishes the warnings of hellfire
Of suffering in the hereafter

O mankind, when will you repent?
The drink has turned him
Ever so proud on his pedestal
Into a mere blubbering fool
Blissfully unaware of his actions
Only conscious of his reasons
A pathetic means of flight
An excuse to be liberated
Of all sorrow and plight

As a lonely soul sits and ponders
Conscious of his responsibilities
Yet aware of his incapability
A thoughtful stare into the heavens
As he prays for mercy
For both himself and the misguided
Allah tasketh not a soul beyond its scope

Lo! Allah is with the steadfast
A mere consolation
A mere consolation



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